connected neighbors are more protected from financial exploitation

One great reason to take advantage of Good Neighbor Day to get to know or check in with an elderly neighbor is that just staying socially connected can help us all avoid financial exploitation.

download a brochure to share about protecting yourself from financial exploitation

Learn more about who is at risk, who is a likely perpetrator, who you can call if you are a victim, who you can call if you suspect someone you know is a victim of financial exploitation.

Signs of Financial exploitation

Sometimes a victim of financial exploitation doesn’t realize what has happened until too late. This is especially true if the exploiter is someone trusted by the older victim, like a family member, friend, church member, or licensed professional. Read about signs that might indicate financial exploitation on WVSLA’s website here¬†

Recent changes in West Virginia Law related to financial exploitation

Here is a list of West Virginia laws that have been created or improved recently for prevention, intervention, and remedy of financial exploitation