Ideas for celebrating Good Neighbor Day

Share the message and graphics on social media

Post on your wall and in your groups on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Email your networks and add a tag on your email in the month of September “Celebrate Good Neighbor Day September 28!”  You can copy and paste the graphics below. Let’s these hashtags  #GoodNeighborDay2017 and #YourGoodNeighborNeedsAGoodNeighbor


Knock on your elderly neighbor’s door

You might barely know your neighbor to see her, but here’s a great excuse for you to reach out and say hello! Print the card below and fill it out with your name and contact info to drop off at your neighbor’s house, even if she’s not home when you knock.

Throw a neighborhood party

Invite your neighbors over for a backyard get-together or potluck.

Call, email, or message your neighbor just to say hi

Use Good Neighbor Day as an excuse just to check in and be neighborly.